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Peyton Manning and retirement--Super Bowl lessons on avoiding age claims at work

Super Bowl week is here. The two quarterbacks personalities (and styles) couldn’t be more different. Manning’s persona is strictly business, and he frequently out-humbles even himself during interviews. Cam, on the other hand, is a bit flashier, having drawn negative attention throughout the season as a result of his penchant for dancing after scores. Peyton Manning’s other competition this weekend is Father Time... Peyton Manning is only 39. But, by NFL measure, he is practically ancient. ...there is no mandatory retirement age in the NFL. Several QBs have played into their 40s... Aging superstars are also likely part of your company... Handling workers in their golden years can be somewhat tricky. Once an employee reaches the age of 40, he/she gains a new protected class status under federal law—age discrimination. ..

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