What is Smart Stream?

From Solution Publishing

Smart Stream from Solution Publishing is the first online “learning” journal. Each year, HR Professionals subscribe to multiple vertical publications because of their interest in one partial aspect of each pub's overall business coverage. Smart Stream aggregates daily content from hundreds of sources then watches each readers’ interaction with the stories presented. Within a short time, Smart Stream learns the specific vertical interest profile of each reader then customizes the stories in each issue to be a perfect match. Smart Stream is delivered directly to each subscriber's email box with a frequency of their choosing. Now HR Pros can cancel all their paper and online content subscriptions and let Smart Stream be their agent to gather the exact content they need from the universe of available sources. Here's how it works:

  • Some of the most accomplished leaders in HR monitor industry news, editorials, case studies and academic research for Smart Stream. They then classify each peice of content by type and business taxonomy.
  • Smart Stream creates a profile for each of our readers based on their reading history.
  • Smart Stream then delivers customized content to each of our readers based on their "learned" interests.
  • Additional stories are rotated into each reader's Smart Stream to determine new areas of interest.
  • The best way to customize Smart Stream to you is to simply use the it. As you click on content your Smart Stream tunes itself for you.
  • Content is pushed to readers via website and email updates.
  • Special resource offers are presented that match your technical interest profile. In many cases you receive no advertising at all from Smart Stream.

The Smart Stream mission is to only show readers content in which they are interested. In many cases this results in advertising-free issues of Smart Stream. For advertisers this represents a level of targeting and response never before available. Our patent pending content profile taxonomy tree gives marketers extreme control over the delivery of their message and brand.