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1. Can an employee take FMLA leave for the death of a pet? Court weighs in
Almost everyone knows how difficult the loss of a beloved pet can be. But is it upsetting enough to qualify for FMLA leave? One employee, who was having a particularly hard time coping with the loss of his dog, thought so. Backstory Joseph Buck worked as a machinist for Mercury Marine in Wisconsin. One day he called his supervisor, asking for a vacation day to deal with the death of his dog. At the time, Buck did not mention how severely affected he was by this - he had been unable to sleep since putting his dog down...
Origional Story Date :2/27/2018
CaseStudy | HR - HR Morning
Human Resources | Legal | Laws & Regulations | FMLA
2. 'Exhibit A' for What’s Wrong With the Fair Labor Standards Act
The FLSA is broken and needs to be fixed. A great place to start is reinvesting that money back into education so that employers can begin to better understand their compliance obligations. Consider this scenario. Employer and Employee have a good-faith dispute over whether Employer owes Employee for unpaid overtime for time Employee spent traveling. Employee sues. Court awards Employee $608.08 for unpaid overtime (doubled to $1,216.16 as liquidated damages). So far, this all seems kosher. Then, however, Employee...
Origional Story Date :2/26/2018
Editorial | HR - Workforce Management
Human Resources | Legal | Laws & Regulations | FLSA
3. Maine Recreational Marijuana Law Limits Drug Testing, Disciplinary Consequences Imposed by Employers
A provision of Maine’s recreational marijuana law prohibits employers from taking adverse employment actions for off-premises marijuana use, as of February 1, 2018. This law effectively prevents Maine employers from testing for marijuana for pre-employment purposes. The law also affects employers who employ employees subject to federal drug and alcohol testing regulations, as well as those employers who are exempt from complying with Maine’s drug testing law. Background Maine voters approved the recreational marijuana...
Origional Story Date :2/23/2018
News | HR - Jacklewis
Human Resources | Legal
4. Bonuses or pay raises: Which works best?
In December, immediately after President Trump signed big corporate tax cuts into law, high-profile businesses such as AT&T, Comcast and Walmart announced they planned to give bonuses to their employees. Other companies, including CVS and Walmart, said they would raise the minimum wage entry-level employees receive, with corresponding increases for higher-paid staff. Both strategies recognize a tightening job market. Which one is right for your organization? Companies that offered bonuses in December realized...
Origional Story Date :2/23/2018
Editorial | HR - Business Management Daily
Human Resources | Operations | Compensation
5. 6 Ways Leaders Can Effectively Run Meetings Without Losing Time
Time is something that most leaders don’t seem to have enough of. It’s something leaders will confess to be chasing quite often. Despite all the time management tips and practices that can help you be more productive, you find it hard to make enough time to get things done. If it’s not the time spent traveling, then it’s the time you spend on calls with business associates. And worst of all, you end up spending a lot of time in meetings. While meetings can take up a lot of your time it’s an evil that’s necessary, particularly for you...
Origional Story Date :2/27/2018
HowTo | HR - Business 2 Community
Human Resources | Meetings
6. Filing deadline begins with accommodation denial
Workers have just 300 days following an alleged violation to file an EEOC complaint claiming ADA disability discrimination. The clock starts ticking when the reasonable accommodation the employee requested is turned down, even if the employer then provided a different accommodation instead of the requested one. Recent case: James worked as a clothing store manager when he developed a metabolic disorder. He then began to request ADA accommodations for treatments, such as shorter days and extra days off...
Origional Story Date :2/22/2018
Research | HR - Business Management Daily
Human Resources | Legal | Laws & Regulations | ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act)
7. How Gamification Has Reinvented Talent Management
When you think of “games at the workplace” you’re probably thinking of a foosball table or a game of chess that colleagues can play to unwind and connect over. But what if you could use “games” to attract talent, retain them and boost their performance! The Future of Recruitment Today: Gamification Gamification is the revolution that the recruitment process has been yearning for. Not only does it make recruitment fun and interactive for the candidates, it enhances the employer’s ability to tap into a larger talent pool, boosts their...
Origional Story Date :2/27/2018
Editorial | HR - Business 2 Community
Human Resources | Talent Management
8. Effects of Dementia Inside and Outside of the Workplace
With an aging population and workforce, the chances for workers with dementia also rise. What signs can employers look out for, and what concerns might their employee caregivers have? Kaiser Health News held a Facebook Live conversation Feb. 13 about living well with dementia, which is “one of the most challenging chronic conditions for individuals and their caregivers,” according to the health news site. Although this conversation was more about the caregiver and individual as citizens, not as employees, I still found some...
Origional Story Date :2/22/2018
News | HR - Workforce Management
Human Resources | Health Issues